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Constipation By: Dr. Hilary Chambers, ND If our bowels are functioning normally, we should be having at least one well-formed, easy to pass, painless bowel movement per day where we feel we have full


Candida Overgrowth

Candida Overgrowth: Getting your gut flora back on track By Dr. Hilary Chambers, ND   Candida is a type of yeast that is part of a normal gut flora. However, it is a fungus, meaning that it can e


The Gut-Brain Relationship

THE GUT-BRAIN RELATIONSHIP By Dr. Hilary Chambers, ND   Many of us are painfully aware of the feeling of a “gut-wrenching” experience, or having “butterflies in your stomach”, so


Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances Written by Dr. Hilary Chambers, ND Many of us are familiar with that post-meal feeling of “that food didn’t agree with me” but most food intolerance symptoms are much less ob


Valentines and Family Day Special

Book a massage with us and mention this Newsletter promotion and get a $10 gift card! Do it on Valentine’s Day or Family Day and get a $20 gift card! Full Details: Call in the clinic or book on-


Food Collection Box

We realized that families need help throughout the year. Hunger does not begin or end with the holidays but it is a constant need.  Therefore we are collecting items for those that may need a little


End of the year massage planning!

The end of the year is coming and with that our time seems to slip by quickly. Soon we will be singing Auld Lang Syne and you might think of all the things you should have done in the past year. One r


New Affiliate: Margaret Russ

Margaret Russ, MSW, RSW is a Registered Social Worker and has practiced Psychotherapy and Counselling for individuals and couples for over 15 years. She guides her clients through difficult times with


Taste of the Kingsway

A couple weekends ago Royal York Massage Therapy attended the Taste of the Kingsway street festival on Bloor offering ten minute massages for $10; which could later be used towards an appointment at t