Preeya Laxman, RMT

  • Speciality: MASSAGE THERAPY
  • Skills:

Preeya is a Registered Massage Therapist and in good standing with the CMTO. Her passion for helping others is exemplified in the personalized care she provides to her clients. She uses various methods such as Swedish massage, cranial sacral therapy and myofascial release techniques with a calm and grounded energy.

Preeya enjoys working with clients to enhance self-awareness and self-care to optimize healing and further reduce pain or discomfort. She will create a personalized treatment approach that is both relaxing and effective.

Preeya has worked with clients experiencing a variety of ailments including musculoskeletal problems, neurological issues and digestion problems. She also enjoys working with clients experiencing low energy, arthritis, sleeping problems and chronic stress.

Preeya is continuing her education and is in her second year at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.