FREE Health Seminars

Dr. Peter Hryciuk and Dr. Marco Capizzano conduct a FREE half-hour health seminar every week Royal York Chiropractic.

Corporate Lunch and Learn Seminars

Introducing Dr. Peter Hryciuk and Dr. Marco Capizzano's Complimentary "Lunch & Learn" Workshops. Most people are totally unaware that the meaning of doctor is "teacher". Our mission is to educate and adjust as many people towards optimal health by providing quality health education for your team.

We've discovered that the results are absolutely incredible! You can easily help your organization avoid the problems incurred by improper sitting, standing, lifting, posture and diet. Sitting in front of computers and standing on the job account for much of your employee’s physical and emotional health problems today. These problems create worker's compensation claims, lost time, sick days off and lost productivity.

We have designed over 10 dynamic, informative and fun workshops. They can be presented in a 45-minute timeframe. Limited to only 24 per year, simply check a topic, email or telephone to arrange your complimentary workshop today.

If you would like more information on our seminars or would like to attend one, please fill out the form below: