Igal Untershats, RMT

  • Speciality: Massage Therapy
  • Skills:
  • Deep tissue massage%
    Structural integration and balancing%
    Sports massage%
    pregnancy massage%
    Medical Acupuncture%

Igal is a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage. As a Registered Massage Therapist, he brings a passionate interest in the application of soft tissue therapy for recovery after injury, restoration of health and injury prevention. 

Igal applies a focused and goal-oriented approach to determine the best techniques for maximizing your recovery. Using myofascial release, Swedish massage, positional release, as well as several other techniques, he provides targeted treatments to reduce soft tissue adhesions and muscle tightness.

Igal has experience treating a wide variety of conditions and has worked with athletes, children, prenatal women, cancer patients and seniors. He is particularly interested in sports injuries and deep tissue massage. Igal has worked with marathon runners and cyclists to reduce scar tissue and restore tissue resiliency after injury. He takes pride in contributing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle for his clients, helping them to achieve their goals.