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Essential Oils

Bergamot $12
Cajeput $8
Lavender $14
Peppermint $8


1 Epsom Salt $3
3 Epsom Salt $8

1 Lavender Epsom Salts

3 Lavender Epsom Salts $10

Traumacare 50g

Traumacare 100g $30
Traumacare Sport $20
Traumacare Drops $15
Traumacare Spray $15
Kids Arnica $15

Self Indulgent Gift Basket


Each basket is ready to gift in a decorative box done up with golden ribbon with tag and includes:

  • Lavender essential oil olive soap (using all natural and locally grown lavender by Dirty Girls Soaps- supporting a single mom’s small business)
  • Lavender Epsom salts bath with wooden spoon (lavender is harvested locally grown at Kelso Lavender Farm)
  • Revitalizing organic eucalyptus bath tea with sachet (with locally grown peppermint and calendula inside)
  • Soft waffle towel
  • Cushioned eye mask
  • Body mitt