Lisa Tibando, RMT

Lisa Tibando, RMT

  • Speciality: Massage Therapy
  • Skills:
  • Deep Tissue Massage%
    Traditional Swedish Massage%
    Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage%
    Trigger Point Therapy%
    Therapeutic Treatments%
    Active/Passive Muscle Release%
    Muscle Energy, Breath work%
Lisa Tibando, RMT

Lisa Tibando, RMT

Massage Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Traditional Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Therapeutic Treatments
  • Active/Passive Muscle Release
  • Guasha/Scraping
  • Muscle Energy, Breath work
Range of Pressure:
Light. Medium. Deep.

Lisa Tibando RMT; Energy Codes Facilitator, graduated from Toronto’s Trillium College Massage Therapy Program with honours and at the top of her class.

Lisa knew she had truly found her passion. She is an active member of the RMTAO and continually keeps herself at the forefront of her profession to assure she is giving the most up-to-date treatment and knowledge to her clients. Lisa’s unique and effective treatment style shows her passion for helping clients achieve their best holistic wellbeing.

Lisa believes in listening to the body, the energy and especially her clients to give her well-rounded holistic approach to massage therapy, always taking each client’s unique needs into consideration to provide personalized treatments and treatment plans. Lisa is an enthusiastic, passionate advocate for the massage therapy profession.

She loves helping clients by sharing the skills and experience she has learned on her journey to live a happy, stress-free, healthy, pain-free life! Lisa also graduated from The Mortar Institute for Bioenergetics as an Energy Codes Facilitator.

Lisa incorporates her Energy Codes Bioenergetics training into her massage practice through breathwork to help her clients release tension, blockages and pain that’s been stored in the body. Lisa’s Energy Codes training and practices help her to tune into her clients through bioenergetics, helping the body to promote healing and homeostasis.

Lisa is always looking to improve her practices, her life and the lives of all she comes in contact with. She is always on the journey of self-realization, healing and self-improvement and wants to help others do the same.