End of the year massage planning!

The end of the year is coming and with that our time seems to slip by quickly. Soon we will be singing Auld Lang Syne and you might think of all the things you should have done in the past year. One regret that we don’t want you to have is not getting those massages in before the end of the year. Most people’s insurance renews on January 1st.  Whatever coverage isn’t used by December 31st is lost and cannot be carried over to the New Year and we are finding that people are now booking their appointments for the rest of the year. The longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to find time slots that suit your schedule.

This is a friendly reminder to take some time and book your appointments sooner rather than later. Inevitably we get people calling in the last week of the year to fit in three or four massages so they can use up all their massage benefits and although we try to accommodate their request the best we can, at this point it becomes difficult to accomplish this task. If you need any help with bookings please either call us, send us an email or book your appointments on-line.

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