Simple Detox

Simple Detox – March 13 2013

When the word DETOX is heard, the first thing that usually pops up in someone’s mind is radical diet change. This stereotype of cleansing is not true. It is true that there are certain cleanses that are based on fasting or drinking vegetable juice for a week, but there are easier ways. What if you only had to drink 1500ml of water everyday for about three weeks, and then do it again after a week break. I thought it was too simple to be true until I took the Heel Detox kit. The kit consists of three homeopathic preparations that gets mixed with 1500ml of water. You drink it throughout the day, and voilà! It is that simple. The homeopathic remedies help cleanse the liver, intestines, kidneys, gallbladder and lymphatic system. For more information click here to enter the Heel Canada website.

The Detox Kits are sold at our clinic. Contact us for more information.

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