Direct Billing

Direct Billing – October 17th 2014 – Royal York Massage Therapy


We haveĀ been asked over the years if we could directly bill the insurance company. This was difficult for us to do in the past. The process has changed recently which has made it more accessible for smaller clinics to do. In larger clinics this was done by the full-time administrators, in which they had to fill out all the papers and send them in to the insurance company to receive payment. It was a cumbersome process.

Presently, there are more and more insurance companies making direct billing more accessible through the internet. This change has streamlined the process and made it less time consuming. Part of the reason this has become easier is through the internet. Instead of going to different insurance companies with different forms and rules, it is now on one website.

What we need from you is very little. There are a couple of pages for you to fill out which can be done at the office or at home. This information includes your consent to bill your insurance directly and a form that informs you of the process we are taking. We also require a credit card on file. The reason for the credit card information is because everyone has a different insurance plan that has different requirements. There are limits to every plan. The limits may include a limited amount paid per treatment or a yearly amount they will pay for treatment. This information also streamlines the process for you. We can process the payment without you which would save you more time.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding direct billing. If you would like the forms to fill out, you can pick them up from our office or send us an email, and we will forward the forms to you. Please always double check with your own insurance company regarding your plan details and limitations.

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