One of the advantages of Royal York Massage Therapy is the diversity of modalities that the therapists offer. The modalities vary from deep tissue massage to hot stone massage. One lesser known modality that is offered at the clinic is Reflexology. Two therapists, Cassandra and Vanessa, practice reflexology. Vanessa has been practicing reflexology for about a decade while Cassandra has recently learned the trade. Reflexology is an alternative therapy which involves applying pressure to the hands and feet in order to affect reflex points throughout the rest of the body. These reflex points are associated with specific areas in the body. For example, the ends of the toes are associated with the sinuses. By working this area, someone with nasal congestion may benefit from a reflexology session because it may help clear up the sinuses. Reflexology can have a specific affect or a treatment can be more systemic; being relaxed, lower blood pressure or boosting the immune system. At times areas on the hands and feet can feel tender which indicates tension in the reflex area of the body. The real bonus of reflexology is that it can at times be integrated into a massage session so you can get the benefits of both treatments.

Vanessa offers an integrated treatment for 60 minutes or 90 minutes in which see uses massage, reflexology and reiki. This treatment is beneficial on the body because it treats the body three different ways. It is a subtle way to relax the body and promote self-healing.

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