Massaging Children

When the topic of massaging children comes up I find that people ask, “Do children need a massage?”  I understand why this is asked because the reason for getting a massage is usually because of stress relief or to resolve aches and pains. Stress is a large factor for health issues because it is a contributing factor in many diseases. If people could manage their stress better we would be healthier. I believe that we do not see children as being stressed. Children these days are under pressure to perform in sports, school and other activities. A child in a high level sport such as rep hockey or competitive dance spends many hours practicing and competing. There is stress from coaches, parents and peers to perform. On top of the stresses from activities, children still need to keep up with school and they still crave to spend time playing with friends. Children that fall into this category would really benefit from a massage for both a stress management standpoint and to help with their activities.
On the other hand, massage can be a treat for children. They may believe that massages are only for adults. It is this reason that a massage may make a child feel special. It can be a bonding activity. For example, a mother and daughter afternoon at the spa, can include a massage. A massage is also an opportunity to educate our children that taking care of our bodies is important, especially as we get older. I believe that the biggest and simplest reason for children getting a massage is because it feels great. My son occasionally gets a massage. It is an experience that he enjoys now he asks me when he can get another one.

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