Massage Benefits Beyond the Physical

Massage therapy is beneficial in a number of different ways. The experience sometimes speaks for itself because the client can feel the changes that occur when they are getting massaged. People often use the terms refreshed, lighter, greater flexibility or less pain to describe their massage experience. The effects on the muscles are only one area that massage helps. What people do not realize because they cannot immediately feel it are the benefits beyond the physical. A study in California found that from one 45 minute massage there were measurable physiological benefits; the processes that occur inside your body. It found that massage helps your body better fight diseases and reduces pain by boosting the immune system and controlling inflammation. The inflammation process contributes to pain and is present in chronic pain. By reducing overall inflammation it will therefore decrease pain in the body. If this is done repeatedly, the long term effects may be able to reduce chronic pain. These improvements to the physiology is only one area massage will help. Other research has found that having regular treatment can improve a person’s mood or fight depression. There is a twofold effect when getting a massage, physical and mental improvement.

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