woman giving back massage to a girl

Renew your body with a massage – March 12 2013

Spring is the perfect time to tune up your body in anticipation for the warmer weather. Soon we will be spending more time outside cleaning our houses, cars, garages and playing a variety of sports; golf, baseball and soccer. Now is the time to prepare your body for another season of activity. Avoid soreness and injury by starting to stretch, doing mild exercises and getting massage to lengthen and loosen muscles that have had to deal with the cold and wet winter. The question I get asked most often is “when should I come in for a massage?” This can depend on the person, but generally it is good to come in once a month for a massage to loosen tightened muscles, work out knots in sore muscles and help control your everyday stress. Coming in more often is necessary if an issue occurs, such as pain, tenderness or discomfort in your joints and muscles. These areas can be examined by one of the registered massage therapists on staff and an appropriate treatment plan can be created.

The next question the I often hear is, “What should I do if I cannot come once a month?” Frequency of massage depends on the individual. What is most important is coming in on a regular basis. Your body craves routine, so by trying to plan regular massage treatments over the year can improve your overall health and reduce your stress. If you can only come in four times in a year then plan a massage every three months. We encourage booking your next appointment before you leave our clinic because it encourages regular massages. It is easier to reschedule your massage rather than trying to book one at the last minute or schedule a session months after you need a massage.

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