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  • Massage Benefits Beyond the Physical

    Massage therapy is beneficial in a number of different ways. The experience sometimes speaks for itself because the client can feel the changes that occur when they are getting massaged. People often use the terms refreshed, lighter, greater flexibility or less pain to describe their massage experience. The effects on the muscles are only one…

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  • Massaging Children

    When the topic of massaging children comes up I find that people ask, “Do children need a massage?”  I understand why this is asked because the reason for getting a massage is usually because of stress relief or to resolve aches and pains. Stress is a large factor for health issues because it is a contributing factor in…

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  • Reflexology

    One of the advantages of Royal York Massage Therapy is the diversity of modalities that the therapists offer. The modalities vary from deep tissue massage to hot stone massage. One lesser known modality that is offered at the clinic is Reflexology. Two therapists, Cassandra and Vanessa, practice reflexology. Vanessa has been practicing reflexology for about a…

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  • Osteopathy: When to go?

    Do you know when you should see an osteopath? This seems like a simple question, but the answer is a little more complex than it seems. First of all osteopathy is not well known. Most people can figure out whether to see a massage therapist, chiropractor or physiotherapist; tight muscles, sore back and rehabilitation, relatively…

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  • Christmas time at Royal York Massage Therapy

    Christmas is here once again. It is a special time of year, not only to get presents and spend time with the family but to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Some people are not so fortunate. Some families wish for a warm meal and enough to provide for the family. The healthcare…

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  • Website Update – Royal York Massage Therapy – Oct 17, 2014

    This past winter Dr. Peter and I discussed collaborating on a new website. We have been working together since 2002 but we ran two different businesses. We thought it was time to join our marketing efforts. This effort resulted in the new website mainly to make it more convenient for clients. Now when you visit…

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  • Direct Billing

    Direct Billing – October 17th 2014 – Royal York Massage Therapy

      We have been asked over the years if we could directly bill the insurance company. This was difficult for us to do in the past. The process has changed recently which has made it more accessible for smaller clinics to do. In larger clinics this was done by the full-time administrators, in which they had…

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  • Royal-York-Chiropractic-Web-Special

    Royal York Chiropractic Web Special – May 5th 2014

    Bring this coupon in and receive your first examination for only $49 (Reg $199)! This certificate entitles you to a full health history, including chiropractic, postural, and neurological examinations, FootMaxx Gaitscan, a subluxation, necessary x-rays, and report of findings.

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  • Royal York Massage Therapy Gift Cards – May 5th 2014

    Royal York Massage Therapy is introducing gift cards. You now have a choice to purchase a gift card or gift certificate. Gift card allow you the versatility to give the gift of health while increasing the choice in cost.

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  • Social Media Initiative

    Social Media Initiative – Nov 6th 2013

    Question: How can I get a quick way to find the availability at Royal York Massage Therapy? Answer: “Like” Royal York Massage Therapy on Facebook, subscribe to our Twitter feed, or join our circle on G+. Royal York Massage Therapy will be posting daily update on massage availability and therapist availability.

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